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Terms and Condictions

These Terms and Conditions by Wild and Great Safaris (Pty) Ltd. “Wild and Great Safaris” shall apply to all of the custom travels the same intermediates for its clients or travelers from its publishing and until the same remain unmodified, for which Wild and Great Safaris hereby reserves the right to modify said Terms and Conditions at any given time without the need to personally notify it to its clients.

Wild and Great Safaris Quoted Price

Issuance of a quotation by Wild and Great Safaris shall not be deemed a reservation and, therefore, shall not be construed as a requested service. The price is valid only for the dates established in the itinerary and for the minimum number of individuals established in said itinerary. For other dates and other number of individuals, a new quotation shall be made or prices shall be consulted. Prices are subject to changes and the services are subject to availability until submitting a definitive reservation pursuant to a previously disbursed deposit. Any future modifications with regards to taxes for each destination shall be collected on a case-by-case basis with regards to any quotations already confirmed, with no exceptions.
The price established in each itinerary shall apply exclusively for payments made via wire transfer. For other forms of payment, a new quotation shall be made and price shall be consulted. Wild and Great Safaris hereby reserves the right to modify or cancel the travel offers for future reservations without prior notice.

What our Trips Include

Wild and Great Safaris devises custom-made travel itineraries; therefore, we include a specific itinerary with each travel. The Client and/or traveler must meticulously review his/her itinerary to know and understand the scope of his/her trip.

What our Trips DO NOT Include

National and international flights, costs associated to the attainment of passports or visas, vaccines, reciprocity, and other border fees, exit taxes, unless specifying otherwise, excess baggage, any tips, foods different from the ones specified in the itinerary, beverages other than the ones specified in the above specifications or specified in the relevant itinerary, beverages other than the ones specified in the above specifications or in the itinerary, any food for your guide if you invite him/her to dinner, touristic activities not included in the itinerary, personal expenses such as laundry, communication charges, Internet access charges, souvenir shopping, gifts, and additional or optional activities (subject to availability), medical insurance, life insurance, and cancellation insurance, and anything not appearing or specified in the “Includes” section of each travel itinerary.

Hotel Check-In and Check-Out

The majority of lodging facilities allow check-ins during the afternoon. If you wish to have a guaranteed room ready for immediate check-in upon your arrival or you wish to do a late check-out, this may be arranged, at additional Charges. Please ask Wild and Great Safaris for more details and pricing.

Special Requests

Specific requests, such as contiguous or connected rooms, types of beds, rooms for smokers (in case of availability and/or smoking being allowed) and special dietary needs must be specified at the moment of reservation. Please keep in mind that, although we’ll make our best efforts to fulfill a special request, we cannot guarantee it.


Wild and Great Safarishereby reserves the right to modify the travel itineraries, including organized tourism visits, and substitute lodging, including ships, airplanes, and trains, at any given time, due to unforeseen circumstances or circumstances outside the control of Wild and Great Safaris. We shall make any efforts necessary to operate itineraries as planned, but alterations may occur after issuing the final itinerary. All of the travel itineraries have been previously confirmed, but places such as wildlife reservoirs, museums, and other points of interest may change their hours of operation with little anticipation. If the foregoing occurs, the organization shall offer alternate arrangements, if possible.

Aerial Transportation

Wild and Great Safaris only offers international flights as a service and compliment for terrestrial services. The only flights included by Wild and Great Safaris are national or local flights, whenever itineraries require to do so and when specified.

Whenever a trip includes a safari, flights between camps are local and made in small aircrafts to facilitate access to the same. Consider that these flights may stop during the route for passage descending or boarding. Also, an aircraft change may be necessary according to the number of passengers.

Flight confirmations are based on availability. Flight reserves may not be confirmed until Wild and Great Safaris receives a copy of the passports and of the advance payment for the total of the flight ticket price.
At all cases, once the flight tickets have been issued, no name changes may be conducted.

All of the aerial transportation agents are independent contractors and are not owned, managed, controlled, or operated by Wild and Great Safaris. Your flight ticket constitutes an agreement between you and the airlines (and not Wild and Great Safaris), even if they are purchased through Wild and Great Safaris. Wild and Great Safaris is not responsible for, nor assumes any responsibility for nor accepts complaints with regards to, seat assignations, name changes, schedule changes, flight changes and/or cancellations. If you change or cancel your aerial transportation arrangements before or after commencing your travel, all of the modification and cancellation rates of the airline shall be applied.


Wild and Great Safaris hereby informs you that each international airline has its own luggage restrictions in place. Please verify with each airline the relevant luggage restrictions. For flights in small aircrafts, hydroplanes, or helicopters, size and weight restrictions may be applied in connection with luggage, as well as additional costs. We will provide details in your Documentation prior to your trip. Equipment and personal effects remain under the traveler’s risk during all of the travel schedule, and Wild and Great Safaris does not assume any type of liability with regards to luggage damages or losses. Call your international transportation agent to be informed about other luggage restrictions and rates which may apply to your international flights.

Prices and Arrangements

The prices specified in the program are personal, based on the occupation shown in the Itinerary, except specifying otherwise. Although we do not expect such situation, published prices may be modified due to unexpected external factors at the time of printing them. Wild and Great Safaris shall not be bound to disaggregate the travelling expenses. Any modifications to a tailored itinerary, including dates or number of individuals, shall require a proposal verified and confirmed by Wild and Great Safaris.

Child Policy

There are a minimum age requirements of 5 years old; all children below 18 years of age shall be accompanied by an adult. Some activities included in the itinerary may have different age restrictions. Details shall be provided upon reservation.

Physical condition

Some activities which require a minimum level of physical condition to enjoy the trip as previously planned have been incorporated to selected itineraries. Wild and Great Safaris will require a notice in case any participants have physical or other type of conditions, or even impairment, which may derive in danger for themselves or for the organization. Wild and Great Safaris hereby reserves the right to deny acceptance to any individuals they consider have an inadequate level of physical condition. If the Clients or Travelers declare that they have not, and that anyone travelling with them has not, any type of physical conditions, or other conditions or impairments, they are releasing, without restrictions, Wild and Great Safaris from any future liabilities. Wild and Great Safaris also reserves the right to eliminate from the trip or activity any individuals whose physical condition or conduct has negative effects on the enjoyment of the other guests or interrupts the tour.

Travel and Cancellation Insurance

Travel and Cancellation insurance are not included in the price for the program and we recommend to purchase them separately. Travel and Cancellation insurance may vary regarding the coverage types, and always imply payment of an additional fee. We hereby recommend to ask Wild and Great Safaris about available insurance or to seek advice from an insurance agent. Wild and Great Safaris does not assume any liabilities with regards to purchased insurance and their coverages, because the insurance company shall be the only one having obligations before the Client and/or Traveler.

Passports, Visas, and Vaccination

Travelers shall be exclusively responsible for obtaining, and having available, whenever necessary, valid travel documentation. We recommend to all of our travelers consulting any relevant governmental authorities for determining which documents are necessary. For entering certain countries, vaccine application and submission of a vaccine certificate are mandatory. Many trips or activities in the nature may require, from the traveler, prior application of certain vaccines, which remains the sole and exclusive responsibility of said travelers. Wild and Great Safaris is no specialist with regards to tropical medicine; thus, the Traveler or client shall be responsible for consulting a specialist. 

A valid passport is required for citizens travelling to international destinations. Passports shall be valid for a period of six (6) months subsequent to the commencement date of the trip and shall also have sufficient blank pages for visas and entering and exiting seals (at least 3 per country visited). Citizens must communicate with the relevant embassy to know the requirements for their travel.
Boarding and disembarking from a vessel, aircraft, or other transportation may be denied, without incurring in any reimbursement, payment, compensation, or credit liabilities if not possessing the corresponding documentation, and the traveler may be subject to fines or other costs incurred in as a result deriving from inadequate documentation or noncompliance with the relevant regulations.

Reservation and Payment Program

A Service Provision Agreement shall be signed by the Client and Wild and Great Safaris, and the deposit for each person of at least 30% (thirty percent) of the total sum related to the trip at the moment of reservation, plus any sums disclosed by Wild and Great Safaris to the client or traveler upon submission of the quotation, shall be disbursed. The deposit or advance payment is non-reimbursable, under any circumstances, because the same is applied to making the corresponding reservations with other Tourism Service suppliers which, pursuant to their policies, terms, and conditions, have established that said sums are non-reimbursable.

The complete payment shall be disbursed at least 71 (seventy-one) days in advance before the travel starts. If your reservation is made within a period shorter than 71 (seventy-one) days before commencement of the travel, then the total sum of the trip shall be paid upon sending the request to ensure confirmation.
We may require additional deposits for airplanes, ships, and trains, including private ones.
We require special conditions, such as an additional non-reimbursable rate upon reservation for certain travels or activities, as well as payment of the total travelling cost with greater anticipation. Wild and Great Safaris will inform the situation to the Client and/or Traveler upon issuing the quotation, because travels are custom.
Plane tickets require an advance payment for the complete plane ticket price, for their issuance.
Payment may be made in U.S. dollars or in ZAR (South African Rand).

Payment must be done by bank transfer. In the case you wish to proceed with the payment by credit card, a payment link will be sent to you.

Cancellation Charges

Cancellations must be received in writing and shall enter into force on the reception date. Cancellations received by Wild and Great Safaris are subject to the following:

  • If the cancellation is conducted during a period elapsing from the day immediately subsequent to the reservation up to 71 (seventy-one) days prior to the exit date: it will be penalized with 30% (thirty percent) of the total price for the trip.
  • If the cancellation is conducted during a period elapsing from 70 (seventy) to 61 (thirty-one) days prior to the boarding date: it will be penalized with 90% (ninety percent) of the total price for the trip.
  • If the cancellation is conducted at least 60 (thirty) days prior to the boarding date: it will be penalized with 100% (one hundred percent) of the total price for the trip without a right for reimbursement.
  • No show: 100% (one hundred percent) of the total trip price shall be collected.

Devolutions regarding the aforementioned cancellations may not be applied for plane tickets nor for permits for gorillas in the mountain, due to the fact that plane services and gorilla permits do not allow cancellations.

The traveler shall be responsible for any changes or cancellations conducted on the itinerary, prior or during the trip, including any expenses incurred in due to a modification, delay, or cancellation of any flights. If a traveler cancels or leaves, and a room companion remains, an additional supplement may be applied to the price of the remaining traveler.

Cancellation Charges for Local or Domestic Flights

All of the local or domestic flights are non-reimbursable.

Charges due to Cancellation of Additional Services

Additional services reserved in connection with the programs of Wild and Great Safaris are subject to specific cancellation penalties. These shall be provided upon reservation and noted in the invoice.

Claims and Reimbursements

No reimbursements shall be made in connection with lost services, with exception of verifiable and extenuating circumstances. Consult the liability limits clause of Wild and Great Safaris. For considering valid the complaints, the same shall be verifiable and must be received in writing within a period of 30 days subsequent to finalization of the trip and shall be accompanied by the supporting documentation and/or by a statement by the individual submitting the complaint.

Considerations for adjustment shall be based on the real price of the services involved and not per day. No adjustments for services or activities not used, tourism travels or food shall be made. Wild and Great Safaris will not accept any liabilities deriving from any complaints not received pursuant to these conditions.

Total or partial reimbursements to be made by Wild and Great Safaris for the client will be governed by the cancellation policies, terms, and conditions which subcontracted third parties may have in place. As well, management costs, cancellation costs, and other costs incurred in by Wild and Great Safaris shall be applicable and may be deducted by the Agency.

Photography during the Travel

Wild and Great Safaris hereby reserves the right to take photos and videos during any programs, or parts of the same, and to use them for advertising purposes during the program and posteriorly. Whenever reserving a program with Wild and Great Safaris, clients and travelers accept that their images may be used in said photos and/or videos. Travelers who prefer that their images are not used must notify it whenever purchasing with Wild and Great Safaris.

Liability Limits of Wild and Great Safaris

Wild and Great Safaris, its employees, shareholders, officials, directors, successors, agents, and assignees, do not possess nor operate any property or entity which provides goods or services for your travel, such as transportation (airplane, car, train, ship, or other), hotel or other lodging services, restaurants, assistance, and other services owned by different independent suppliers. All of those individuals and entities are independent contractors. As a result, Wild and Great Safaris shall not be held liable for any negligent or deliberate acts by any individuals or entities or by any third parties. Also, and without limitation, Wild and Great Safaris shall not be held liable with regards to any injuries, financial or physical losses, death, inconveniences, delays, or damages to personal property in connection with the provision of assets or services, whether deriving from, among others, acts of God, unforeseen circumstances, or force majeure, disease, acts of war, civil disturbances, insurrections or revolts, wild animals, presence of mosquitoes or plagues, strikes, o rother work activities, criminal or terrorist activities of any given kind, reservations excess or service degradation, food intoxication, mechanical failures of aircrafts or transportation means, or failures on the transportation mechanism to arrive to a destination in time. There are many risks related to adventure travelling such as the ones offered by us, which may lead to disease, injury, or even death. These risks increase due to the fact that these travels occur in remote locations, far away from medical facilities.

The client and/or traveler assumes all of the risks associated to his/her participation in these travels. If you decide to participate in any given activity, including, among others, any expeditions implying near contact or visits to animals, whether wild or not, riding animals, scuba diving, snorkel, balloon rides, zip lines, high-altitude hiking, climbing, rafting, ape tracking, and any other activities which Wild and Great Safaris considers pose risks related to severe diseases, injury, or death, then the client and/or traveler completely comprehend and acknowledge that the activities entail said risks and assume total responsibility for their own health and security, and accept all of the injury, disease, or death risks, whether provided or unprovided, which may occur to them due to participation in any activities, also releasing Wild and Great Safaris and its affiliates, agents, employees, and representatives of any responsibilities related to the same.

Also, if you decide to participate and/or are considered as a participant for the Activities, you release Wild and Great Safaris and its employees, shareholders, officials, directors, successors, agents, and assignees, also agreeing to abstain from suing or claiming against Wild and Great Safaris with regards to damages to property, cancellation of any activities derived from any circumstances, diseases, operations, or negligent rescue procedures, personal injuries, or death deriving from participation in the activities, and any activities related to the same, including transportation towards and from the activities site, independently from the fact that the damage to property, disease, personal injuries, or death derive from negligence and/or from any defects in equipment. You also agree to indemnify and release from any liability Wild and Great Safaris with regards to any claims made against Wild and Great Safaris for other individuals who (i) where related to their participation or (ii) which would be subject to the foregoing, agreeing to abstain from suing if you directly submitted the claim.

Of nature and weather changes

The majority of travels offered by Wild and Great Safaris are for being in contact with nature. This means that Wild and Great Safaris has no control over nature or over animal movements, and may not intervene if, as a consequence of weather change, there are droughts, fires, floods, migrations of animals, before the marked dates; however, they are now delayed due to modification of rain cycles and they do not occur when they should occur or derived from early ice melting as a consequence deriving from high temperatures, which occasions changes in animal behavior.
In case of aurora borealis, Wild and Great Safaris may not guarantee that the clients and/or travelers will see them; travels are programmed whenever there is greater possibility of seeing them and travelers are taken to the best areas for seeing them, but we may not guarantee that you will see them due to the fact that they are natural phenomena. There are also endangered species which may be difficult to see.
Wild and Great Safaris shall not be responsible for discomforts to which travelers may be exposed during their nature routes, such as the existence of mosquito plagues, high temperatures, lack of traditional infrastructure or basic or luxury services.

Travel Notices

The client and/or traveler shall be responsible for consulting the most recent travel notices issued by U.S.A. Department of State or other. We hereby recommend you to visit the following websites: travel.state.gov and www.gob.mx/guiadelviajero. In case of a travel notice issued by the aforementioned Department and/or Government, related to the specific location of destination, if the client and/or traveler still wants to travel, disregarding said travel notice, the same assumes all of the risks related to personal injury, death, or damages to property which may arise from the same.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions



Wild and Great Safaris hereby reserves the right to correct any given errors or omissions in their published materials and to modify these Terms and conditions at any given moment, as a result deriving from substantial changes in legislation or regulation. All of the modified Terms and Conditions shall enter into force automatically upon their publishing by Wild and Great Safaris in https://allsafariscamps.com